Oct 27 2016

Opinion: Student Explains Support for Re-election of Andrea Swenson to the School Board

Student Election Opinion: Re-elect Andrea Swenson

When scrolling through the Piedmont Civic Association’s site, I almost always see election endorsements and opinions written by Piedmont parents. It makes sense– most high schoolers my age either can’t or don’t vote, so there aren’t many of our opinions out there. However, I think it’s ludicrous that input from students regarding elections that are so closely tied to them, like School Board elections, is kind of unheard of. That’s why I want to take some time away from my daily homework and college apps to tell all of you why I, a Piedmont High School senior, endorse Andrea Swenson for the School Board.

When I first met Andrea Swenson, I was struck by her knowledge and professional attitude, even under pressure. The first Board meeting I went to, the Board was discussing the budget for this year, which had a surprising number of state funding cuts and extra burdens on the District. In fact, the PUSD is going to have to pay up to almost two million dollars more for teacher pensions in a few years because of it. Even in the face of this major setback, Swenson was both calm and optimistic. I wasn’t surprised– she was ready for anything the state could throw at her because she had been the President of the Board the past four years. I learned later that she also has a background in finance– which is not something I usually enjoy in a person, but in the next coming years, her know-how will prove key to maintaining the strength of Piedmont’s programs even though the budget is facing some difficulties.

What I appreciate the most about Swenson is that she genuinely cares about student life and input. When I proposed a homework and stress reducing plan for Piedmont High School, she showed genuine interest in my ideas and gave me suggestions on who else I could to talk to in order to make it happen. She was just as courteous and kind to the proposals of other community members, but I felt really touched that she took students so seriously. I feel good knowing that I have a Board President that will listen to my peers and me.

In all, I feel confident endorsing and campaigning for Andrea Swenson because I have seen her excel as a public servant. I know I’m leaving the District in June, but I have a younger brother that has just started at Piedmont High School that I have to think about. I hope that he has the same level of professionalism, knowledge, and care that I have had, and I hope that Swenson is the one that guarantees that.

Amelia Henry, Piedmont High School Senior

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author. PCA does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

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  1. Note- Andrea Swenson has been on the Board four years but only President for two.


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