Nov 14 2016

Street Sweeping Schedule: Leaves Keep Falling

 Sweeping is conducted on the day after green waste, recycling, and trash are picked up for your home. See schedule below.

It is a three week cycle alternating between the odd and even numbered sides of the street, followed by a week of no sweeping.

As emphasized by the City Council, one of the key elements of having an effective street sweeping program is for the residents to be aware of the schedule in advance so that they can relocate their cars and/or move the green waste, recycling, and trash cans to create free and clear access up to the curb. Since Piedmont relies on residents to move their vehicles, knowledge of the sweeping dates is essential. To help promote resident cooperation and knowledge, the Council approved linking the street sweeping schedule to the regular green waste, recycling, and trash pickup days. This should be a simple and systematic method to ensure that residents know when to move their vehicles.

Two documents illustrate the street sweeping schedule.

For questions regarding the street sweeping schedule, please contact Director of Public Works Chester Nakahara at (510) 420-3061 or or via email at

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