Nov 30 2016

Council: New Members to be Sworn Into Office Dec 5

A swearing in ceremony for the newly elected Council members and the election of a mayor and vice mayor will take place in the Piedmont Community Center, located in the Main Park on – 

Monday, December 5, starting at 6:30 p.m.


 Certified election results here. 

A reception will follow the “reorganization” of the Council and the election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

The public is invited to attend and participate in the activities. 


After a very active election period with four Piedmonters running for the two open seats on the five member Piedmont City Council, Jen Cavenaugh and Bob McBain were chosen to serve 4 year terms on the City Council.  Cavenaugh, a first time candidate, won 42% of the votes, while incumbent and Vice Mayor McBain won 30%.  Appointed incumbent Jonathan Levine received 26% of the votes.  N. “Sunny” Bostrom-Fleming received 2% of the votes. See results below.

Campaign finance reports indicate that Cavenaugh significantly exceeded the amount of campaign money raised by her opponents. Read the East Bay Times article on candidate campaign finance reports here.

Below are the election results.

# of Votes                         % of Total
 Jen Cavenaugh


4627 42.43%
Bob McBain


3236 29.67%
 Jonathan Levine


2818 25.84%
N. ”Sunny” Bostrom-Fleming


198 1.82%


26 0.24%

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  1. I would like to thank everyone associated with our election in Piedmont for their thoughtfulness and civility and spirit of fair play. Piedmont citizens are superb roll models for their children of behaviour that could well be emulated at a national level:No swearing, no name calling, no ridiculing, no bullying, no caustic slurs. I feel gratitude for the people I was able to meet and the ideas I heard.
    Sunny Bostrom-Fleming

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