Dec 19 2016

Hampton Park Project on Schedule and on Budget, Linda Triangle Improvements Suggested

Student report on a City Hall gathering on the evening of the Tree Lighting ceremony. Although the Park Commission had cancelled its December meeting, Commissioners were encouraged to attend the December 7 Tree Lighting ceremony at the Community Hall. (read November 2 minutes of the Park Commission.)

On Wednesday, December 7, I attended the Park Commission gathering at the Piedmont City Hall. This commission meets once a month, but typically takes a recess during the Holiday season, so this meeting manifested itself as a casual event that involved people from all City Commissions and City Council members. I took this time to socialize with people who both held leadership positions in government and others who were simply curious about the meeting.

A major topic of conversation was the renovation of Hampton Park. This ongoing project was celebrated, as it is both on schedule and on budget. In response to the rain influencing construction of this project, I was informed that the new drainage system was working well avoiding any holdups for the project.

The recently completed Linda Triangle was another achievement spoken of at this event. People expressed their excitement for this addition to Piedmont, while some hoped to see some improvement, such as lighting fixes.

Upon arriving at the event, I spoke to a number of people, including the Mayor, the Vice Mayor, and the Public Works Director. Mayor Jeff Weiler said that he is particularly pushing for lighting improvement on the Oakland Avenue Bridge, in order to “make it safer for pedestrians.” Speaking from personal experience, it can often be unnerving walking on the Oakland Avenue Bridge, especially when people are driving fast and come right up next to the walkway, so I feel that lights would be a much needed addition.

Students spoke about our concern on the drought, but Mr. Weiler assured students that the California drought was not currently posing much of an issue to Piedmont parks, as the recent rains and the water used for firefighter training help keep the greens watered.

Halley Wolin, Piedmont High School Senior

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author. 

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