Feb 5 2017

Climate Action Plan Task Force Volunteers Deadline Feb 24

2030 Climate Action Plan

The City Council is looking for five volunteers to help update the City’s Climate Action Plan. Resident input is vital to the process of creating the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target and strategies to reduce emissions.

The City is specifically seeking residents who have an interest or expertise in environmental issues and climate science to serve on this Task Force. The City Council will appoint four of the Task Force’s members and the Board of Education will appoint one Piedmont High School Student.  Applications must be received at City Hall on or before the deadline of February 24, 2017. Download application here.

The Task Force will meet approximately once a month, beginning in the end of March, for one year or until a Draft 2030 Climate Action Plan is completed, whichever is earlier.

All meetings of the Task Force will be noticed and open to the public.

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