Feb 28 2017

Aquatics Center Cost Estimate Expected In March

Recreation Commission discusses Linda Beach Playfield Restrictions, the progress of the Hampton Park Improvement Project, and progress on the Aquatics Center Design.

    On the evening of February 15, 2017, I attended the monthly meeting of the Piedmont Recreation Commission at the Piedmont City Council Chambers (120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA, 94611), where they discussed the upkeep of the City’s recreational facilities. On this particular night, the commission covered such topics as the Linda Beach Playfield Restrictions, the progress of the Hampton Park Improvement Project, and a price estimate for the Aquatics Master Plan Conceptual Design.

    The meeting began with Tyler Waespi, the Aquatics Director at the Piedmont Pool, giving a presentation about the the programs and opportunities that the pool would be offering in the coming months. Waespi covered information regarding the seasons of Fall, Spring, and Summer, and what each season would offer. Swim lessons would be available on Monday thru Thursday during all three seasons for anyone interested with the exception of Spring Break. During which time the pool will be offering the Spring Break Aqua-Camp for any youth that are interested.

    Following the presentation on the Piedmont Pool, Recreation Director Sara Lillevand discussed the success of the restrictions on the Linda Beach playfield that were implemented during the Hampton Park construction to address noise complaints from the surrounding residents. Due to the success of the restrictions, Lillevand proposed making these restrictions permanent with a motion made by Commissioner Steve Roland and passed unanimously by the commissioners.

    Lillevand then updated the commission on the progress of the Hampton Park Improvement Project in light of recent weather related setbacks. The final steps in the completion of the field, the pouring of the concrete, may need to be postponed due to the weather in order to ensure that the concrete is able to set properly. The extreme wind also caused four of the trees towards the back of the park to fall, which must be removed by a cleanup team before construction can continue. At the time of the meeting, construction was a week behind but estimated to improve due to the weather forecast over the next few weeks.

    Finally, Lillevand concluded the meeting with an update on the Aquatics Master Plan Conceptual Design. Since no members of the audience were prepared to speak about the topic, the details of the plan were not repeated from last meeting.  An “operational cost analysis” will be acquired and presented to the Council at their second meeting in March or first meeting in April according to Lillevand.  The commission could then continue with the implementation of the plan.

    After the meeting came to a close, I approached Director Sara Lillevand to ask her a few questions about her time as Director of Recreation. For Ms. Lillevand, “working on projects such as Hampton Park allows [her] to have a direct positive impact on the community”, something that few other jobs can offer. When asked about her reaction to the meeting that just took place, she responded saying that she enjoyed the meeting like she does with the majority of her Recreation Commission meetings. Lillevand stated, “It is always exciting when a project is nearing completion,” and for a project such as the the Hampton Park Improvement Project where weather has caused some unpredictable issues, it is important to stay in the right state of mind and not let the issues go without acting on them. Overall, she is happy to be working with a group of people that are so involved with the betterment of the community, and cannot wait to see the finished Hampton Park project.

by Geoffrey Burge, Piedmont High School Senior

Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author. 

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