Mar 15 2017

Comments Requested on Waste Collection Services By March 31

Proposed changes to the future waste collection contract include: variable optional charge for backyard pickup (except for disabled customers), trash collection to start at 6 am,  Large Item Collection pickups for multi-family dwelling residents, hazardous waste collection events at an additional fee.  Citizens are invited to comment on the RFP by March 31, before it is distributed on April 11. [Read RFP Here.)


The City of Piedmont is seeking comment on the Draft Request for Proposals (RFP) and Draft Franchise Agreement (FA) for solid waste collection services from members of the community. This opportunity to comment is extended to better inform the City of the community’s needs and desires for solid waste collection services prior to the issuance of the RFP.

Please note that these documents are still under review by the City Attorney and City staff. Staff will make changes to the documents and address comments as they are submitted, leading up to the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, April 3rd. At that meeting, the City Council will be asked to consider approval of the RFP package, which, if approved, will be released on Monday, April 10th.

What Is Included in the RFP Package?

  • RFP Document describing the solid waste collection services sought for the City of Piedmont;
  • Draft Franchise Agreement for solid waste collection services in the City of Piedmont; and
  • Other RFP Attachments, including specified forms bidders must fill out and submit with their proposal, in addition to informational documents bidders are to review.

Potential Changes Under Consideration

One Response to “Comments Requested on Waste Collection Services By March 31”

  1. May I suggest that a requirement be included that the carts be placed back on the curbs after emptying. When the carts are left in the street, as they usually are, they occupy parking spaces where parking is very limited to begin with. I asked the company to include this in its instructions to its drivers, but compliance lasted approximately one week. This is a minor irritation but an irritation nonetheless. Thank you.

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