Mar 22 2017

Piedmont’s Bus 11 Discontinued as of March 26

Piedmont’s AC Transit bus #11 “Piedmont to Fruitvale Avenue” has long been the core transit service for Piedmont with 123 bus stops connecting with Piedmont stops to major destinations including four BART stations in Oakland. For example, the #11 bus linked City Hall, high schools, middle school, recreation programs, Havens School, banks, and other Civic Center sites with Grand Avenue, Whole Foods, several churches, Kaiser Center, Broadway, Lake Merritt, Highland Hospital, Dimond Library, and Fruitvale. Additionally, caregivers, nannies, maids, commuters, and others have relied on the service from International Boulevard, 14th Avenue, and Fruitvale to Piedmont.

Bus #11 will be eliminated on March 26, 2017.

AC Transit indicates that the new line #33 will replace part of the route of the terminated Bus 11, but it does not connect Piedmont with Lake Merritt BART or the Fruitvale area. Bus #18 will serve Lake Merritt BART from Broadway via 7th and 8th streets.

The new line Bus #96 will connect Oakland’s 12th Street with the Dimond district.

Bus line #33 will operate in a “U” pattern from Piedmont’s Civic Center to its end at Medou Place in Montclair. It will operate on Highland Avenue, Oakland Avenue, Harrison Street, passing Kaiser Center, connecting to two BART stations in downtown Oakland before heading to Montclair.  Since the route typically takes 40 minutes from Highland Avenue in Piedmont to Medou Place in Montclair, this will not be an efficient way to reach Montclair Village.  The new bus line #33 schedules to be posted at Piedmont bus stops may confuse riders, since the destination is listed as Montclair, whereas people riding bus #11 have been heading in a different direction, toward downtown Oakland and beyond. (Online schedules for line # 33 expected soon.)

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