Mar 29 2017

Piedmont’s New Bus Line No. 33 Runs More Often and Later than Former Bus Line 11

Piedmont bus service extends later on weekdays and Saturdays – going to BART stations, downtown Oakland and Montclair.

>#33 Bus Line Replaces the #11 Bus Line

Piedmont’s new bus service has extended evening service with the last AC Transit Bus #33 departing at 10pm from Highland Way (Piedmont Civic Center) and with the last trip returning to Piedmont on Highland Way arriving at 11:53 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. More frequent service will be provided during commuting hours. On Sundays and holidays, the last trip to Piedmont will end an hour earlier.

See the complete new bus #33 schedule and route > here.

An early morning and afternoon weekday only loop from Highland Way to Inverleith Terrace and Estates Drive and back to Highland Way serves the Civic Center schools and others.

 New later evening and more frequent bus service supports Piedmont’s Climate Action Plan –

Piedmonters are encouraged to use the newly expanded bus schedule on the #33, which represents a significant component of the Piedmont Climate Action Plan.


Oakland Running Festival on Sunday will disrupt driving and bus service –

On Sunday, April 2, a number of Oakland streets will be closed from 6am to 3pm for the Oakland Running Festival, causing disruption to bus service including Bus #33.  Piedmont bus service between Highland Way and the 19th and 12th Street BART stations will continue during the Festival. However, there will be no service to Montclair.  See AC Transit for disruption and detour information about other parts of the Bus # 33 route.

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  1. Great route (I use it) but monitor the ridership to see what GHG are really achieved. I and another stepped off at Fairview at 5:00 the other day and the bus drove away empty. Curious to hear from other Piedmont riders who use the 33.

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