Mar 30 2017

New Piedmont Commissioners and Committee Members Appointed

City Council 2017 Appointments to Commissions and Committees –

Following the Council’s selection of appointees at their March 27 Council meeting, City Clerk John Tulloch graciously withheld the names of the appointees until all applicants and appointees were notified of their status on March 30.

The selection process is a public, open process.  Although few attend, the public can attend the interviews and observe the voting process.

A number of the appointees cycled back to commissions or committees where they have previously served.

The notations beside the appointees’ names below are from available information.  The City did not provide background information on the 29 applicants.  A quick review of the qualifications of the appointees indicates a well educated and involved selection of individuals from Piedmont’s electorate. Additional information on appointees is always welcomed on this site and can be added below in the comment section.

At a special meeting on March 27, 2017, the City Council interviewed applicants and made appointments to fill vacancies on commissions and committees. Drawing on the talents of twenty nine applicants for eighteen vacancies, the Piedmont City Council made the following appointments:”

Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee

Cathie Geddeis – Former President of the League of Women Voters

Deborah Leland  

Shel Schrieberg – Current member of the Committee

CIP Review Committee

Jeffrey St. Claire – Prior member of the Committee, Investments

Bobbe Stehr – Former Planning Commissioner and President of the Piedmont Beautification Foundation

Civil Service Commission

Scott Lawson – Attorney

Park Commission

Eileen Ruby – Former candidate for the Piedmont Board of Education

Robin Wu

Parking Hearing Officer

Tamra Hege – Former Member of the Piedmont Board of Education and Planning Commission, Former President of the League of Women Voters

Susan Kawaichi – Former Member of the Piedmont Board of Education and Former President of the League of Women Voters.

Planning Commission

Aradhana Jajodia – Current Alternate on the Planning Commission, Architect

Jonathan Levine – Former Member of the City Council, Prior member of the Planning Commission  and other commissions, Attorney

Tom Ramsey – Current member of the Planning Commission, Architect

Clark Thiel (Alternate) – Former member of the Planning Commission, Attorney

Public Safety Committee

Chris Houlder

Gina Scialabba

Lori Elefant (Chair) – Current member of the Public Safety Committee

Recreation Commission

Elizabeth Smegal Andersen – Current member and Chair of the Recreation Commission, Attorney

Kobi Eshun – Member of Piedmonters Appreciating Diversity Committee

Carrie Graham Lee – Current member of the Recreation Commission

For more information on the appointees, contact John Tulloch, City Clerk at 420-3040. 

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