Apr 23 2017

Recreation Commission Meeting: Hampton Tennis Courts in High Demand

Recreation Commission Meeting of March 15, 2017 – 

On Wednesday, March 15th, my classmate and I attended a Piedmont Recreation Commission meeting. The sessions are held monthly at 120 Vista Avenue in the Council Chambers and provide a platform for community members to discuss recreational matters with the commissioners which decide them. The agenda for the meeting included the record (or “regular minutes”) of the last meeting, and speaker cards are provided to everyone as they enter the room.

The first order of business is Public Forum, or a 10 minute period for citizens to bring up issues not explicitly mentioned in the agenda. A man took the time to address a problem he has with the Hampton Park tennis courts. He described his frustration at the busy nature of the courts. He said that when the courts are full, he asks people to leave and let him play tennis, they remain unmotivated to leave. The man suggested that a portion of the day, say 3-7 pm should be reserved for Piedmont “decal holders.” The Commission heard his idea but was doubtful of how exactly to enforce the plan. The man suggested a sign would do the job “at least in the beginning.”

After the Public Forum, the Commission went on to revisions of the last meeting’s minutes. The changes were minor, for example, a correction to the adjournment time.

After a short Chairman’s report, Recreation Director Sara Lilleland gave an update on the reopening and current status of Hampton Park. She explained that the remodeling has turned out tremendously and she is very proud of the park. She suggests that everyone go and see for themselves. Only some more benches and basketball nets are needed to finish the park. Unfortunately, four or five trees have fallen onto the basketball courts warranting minor repairs. The grand reopening was on March 25th.

The commissioners went on to talk about the CIP or Capital Improvement Projects Review Committee. Then, updates were given on “Facility Master Planning Projects” such as Aquatics and the Recreation Department. The consensus of the Commission is that these projects are going smoothly and should continue. A young swimmer asked about the possibility of a 50 meter pool in Piedmont but the Commission acknowledged the fact that there is simply not enough space.

After summarizing the projects, the commissioners gave their nominations for the Betty C. Howard Award for volunteer service associated with recreation. Nominees included former commissioner Kim Hebert and coach David Reed, known mostly as “Pops.”

Finally, the meeting closed with a ceremonial matter, Brian Cain’s receipt of a plaque commemorating his years volunteering on the Recreation Commission. March 15th was his last night. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

by Walker Johnson, Piedmont High School Senior

 Editors Note: Opinions are those of the author.

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