Aug 24 2017

Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler Comments Attracted Digital, Print and Broadcast Media Coverage

Below are current news stories on Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler. To view, click on the links.


The Piedmonter and East Bay Times:

CBS TV Channel 5 coverage:

The Piedmont Post

On August 23, 2017, a headline in The Piedmont Post reads “Mayor Wieler issues statement condemning racism, violence.” The paragraph at the end of the article states, “A large number of people attended the Monday’s council meeting and some spoke about personal facebook posts Wieler made several days earlier.”

Mayor Wieler has been a long time columnist with Piedmont’s local newspaper, The Piedmont Post.


Video of August 21, 2017 Piedmont Council Meeting  comments – 

To view the video of all comments made at the August 21, 2017 Piedmont City Council meeting, go to the City website at:

(Comments were made at the Council meeting in opening remarks and during the Public Forum, which followed the Consent Calendar.)

Piedmont Council member contact information:

4 Responses to “Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler Comments Attracted Digital, Print and Broadcast Media Coverage”

  1. I think the Post needs to enroll in the journalism class at PMS and learn how to report a story – who, what, when, where, and WHY.

    My editorial suggestion – “…and all speakers criticized Wieler for his Face Book posts.”

  2. Wieler’s Facebook comments replicate Donald Trump’s divisive language. The Post’s reporting replicates the Fox News style of sharply biased reporting.

  3. Rupert and O’Reilly

  4. After all these years, Piedmonters are finally beginning to understand Jeff Wieler. His Facebook posts are the real Jeff Wieler.
    As to the Piedmont Post, it’s not a journalistic endeavor but a booster rag aimed at those who still adhere to the myth of Piedmont Exceptionalism.

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