Aug 25 2017

OPINION: Mayor Wieler Must Be Removed from Office

Piedmont is no place for a RACIST and anti-LGBTQ mayor. Jeff Wieler’s political outbursts on social media show that he clearly has no regard for his diverse group of constituents. It sounds like Wieler needs to move to coal country where his anti-liberal hateful rhetoric will resonate amongst the uneducated.
I have lived in the Bay Area for my entire life, and there is absolutely no way this man can claim his comments were incorrectly interpreted. Saying that the Black Lives Matter movement is designed to incite violence against the police (the term the mayor used is “cop killing”) is an extremely dangerous accusation. Considering racially profiled black men are dying at the hands of police in growing numbers, the Black Lives Matter movement was created to help stop the violence. Only a racist would say such things.
Calling trans people “mentally ill,” is just the kind of hurtful stereotypes that allow people to continue to discriminate and even harm trans people. Wieler even stooped so low as to call progressives, “dangerous and un-American.” Stoking the fires of hate has already proved dangerous in Charlottesville, at black churches, at Jewish synagogues, and many places people should feel safe in this country. This kind of hatred should not be allowed from the leader of any community, as that is truly un-American.
As a refusal to give a moment of silence for the murdered woman in Charlottesville, Wieler clearly is not a mayor who stands for equality and justice for his entire constituency. His hateful comments illustrate the level of his prejudice and his desire to discriminate against people in his own community. He must be removed from office.
Lisa E. Hern
Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author.

5 Responses to “OPINION: Mayor Wieler Must Be Removed from Office”

  1. I have known Mr. Wieler for 10 years or so through civic involvement and frankly I never knew his politics outside Piedmont issues. My thought regarding the outpouring of negative concern over his Facebook posts is that the kinds of issues that Piedmont faces are not particularly political. There is no such thing as a Republican or Democratic pothole.

  2. Mr. Wieler’s fitness for Piedmont Mayor should be judged ONLY on his educational and work qualifications and performance in office, NOT on his perceived opinions on national and international events. This attempt to divide our town is unproductive.

  3. Hear, hear, gentlemen, but as Councilman Wieler has now resigned as mayor we may never know why council raised the issue of his dismissal. I suspect it had to do with his recent reaction to a constituent requesting a moment of silence for Charlottesville. So not party politics or personal speech, just job performance.

  4. It’s heartening to read that Councilman Wieler has had the grace to resign as mayor, thus avoiding further discord surrounding his public and quite troubling social, economic and political views. Views and postings, which have, in his role as mayor, unfortunately represented the citizens of Piedmont.

    As a former resident of lovely Piedmont for over 25 years, it was gratifying to hold respectful and fairly candid conversations with folks who make the city run so well. No doubt, this atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect for diversity and differences of opinions will continue.

  5. Mr. Weiler’s resignation is appropriate. However, your editor’s negative portrayal of other Americans in other parts of the country is inappropriate. That remark reveals the negative stereotyping that is tearing this country apart.

    Editors Note: The opinions expressed in the “OPINION” article are those of the author rather than PCA Editors. PCA Editors have never portrayed other Americans in other parts of the country in a negative way.

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