Aug 27 2017

RESIGNATION: Jeff Wieler Has Resigned as Mayor of Piedmont: Cancellation of Monday, August 28 Special Meeting

Monday, August 28, 2017, Special Council Meeting to consider ” the Removal of Jeffrey Wieler from the Office of Mayor” has been cancelled, as there is no item to be considered on the agenda. 

Wieler has resigned as Piedmont Mayor; he intends to continue his service on the Piedmont City Council until the end of his term in November/December 2018.

City of Piedmont PRESS RELEASE below:

Jeffrey Wieler Resigns as Mayor of the City of Piedmont Will Serve the Remainder of Term as Councilmember – 

In a letter tendered to the City Administrator, Jeffrey Wieler resigned from the position of Mayor of the City of Piedmont effective Sunday, August 27, 2017. Wieler intends to serve out his term on the City Council, which will end after the November 2018 General Municipal Election.

Pursuant to Section 2.08 of the Piedmont City Charter, Vice Mayor Robert McBain is now serving as Acting Mayor.

The Special Meeting of the City Council scheduled for Monday, August 28th has been cancelled as the only item on the agenda was “Consideration of the Removal of Jeffrey Wieler from the Office of Mayor.”

Attached to this release is Mr. Wieler’s letter of resignation from the position of Mayor.

Contact: Paul Benoit, City Administrator August 27, 2017     ……  420-3040

Wieler Resignation  < letter

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