Aug 29 2017

Momentum Grows for Former Mayor Jeff Wieler to Resign from the Piedmont City Council, as Piedmont News Has Been Noticed Throughout the Area, State, and US

Jeff Wieler’s indiscreet statements about an intimate female part are online and on television.  

Wieler has resigned his position as mayor of Piedmont while continuing to serve on the Piedmont City Council.  Yet, numerous individuals are calling for him to resign from the City Council.  

Not good enough. He needs to personally apologize to each and every person in this town whom he has directly and needlessly insulted during his years on the Council. And then he should resign from the Council.

Mike Rancer

Tim Rood’s Facebook page addressing Jeff Wieler:

Following Jeff Wieler’s resignation as mayor, but not from City Council, the drumbeat of emails from outraged citizens continues as new outrageous posts continue to emerge. Mr. Wieler’s boorish and offensive online posts and the widespread publicity about them have caused him to utterly forfeit the respect of broad segments of the Piedmont community, as well as that of his colleagues, and have sullied Piedmont’s reputation – not to mention opening many more eyes to the obvious journalistic shortcomings of the Piedmont Post as a source of unbiased information about local events.

This self-imposed mess isn’t in the slightest an issue of partisan politics, and it’s also not an issue of free speech – it’s really just a matter of treating elected office as the privilege that it is and treating constituents (and others) with due respect.

A citizen-led recall campaign would take months and could cripple the Council and staff’s ability to advance the City’s business.

Jeff, I thank you for your service, but I think you know in your heart of hearts that for the good of the community, it’s appropriate for you to step down from the Council.

Tim Rood, Piedmont City Councilmember


I think compassion is too high a bar for the councilman -basic civility would be a start. There seems to be a thread through his statement that his comments on NATIONAL affairs were offensive to the liberal sensitivities of Piedmont, completely ignoring the invective and hateful content of his speech.

What is needed now from the councilman is not compassion but contrition and that could best be shown by his stepping down from council. There is a post on Quora (is that Latin for sexist?) attributed to the councilman that makes his Facebook posts pale in comparison. It’s not a national issue, not a conservative opinion but a denigration of women. If true, The councilman needs to resign.

Former Councilmember Garrett Keating


Councilmember Wieler’s degrading labeling and name calling of those who espouse a liberal point of view has rendered him impotent as a City Council leader and as an elected representative of Piedmont in meetings with Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and beyond.
He cannot continue to claim service to Piedmont and express contempt for Piedmont residents.

 Conna McCarthy


Acting Mayor Bob McBain pressed Wieler to resign from the City Council.


View Channel 5 CBS report on latest concerns regarding Wieler’s public statements on a national website >HERE


While making offensive remarks, Wieler utilized his elected Piedmont positions – Piedmont Councilmember and Mayor.

Former Mayor Jeff Wieler’s resignation as mayor has sparked interest and concern far beyond Piedmont’s borders. Readers can google his name online and observe the reach of his comments and actions reflecting on Piedmont. The national Quora website features more than 100 Wieler opinions on a range of issues, some of which have been found to lack basic civility.

We need to immediately remove Jeff Wieler from the Piedmont City Council.  His comments on social media are disgusting and should not be tolerated in an elected official.

He and his love of vaginas should be home alone with no role in deciding our city’s public policies.  

Kristina McLaughlin


[“Having a vagina is not a vision that inspires. And before some feminist harpy objects to the last sentence, I want to say that I dearly love vaginas.” Jeffrey Wieler, July 19, 2017 ] Read the entire statement by clicking below.

  Answered Jul 19 


A “small sampling” of Mayor Wieler’s online views:

“The left burns buildings and deprives people of free speech and physically attacks conservatives. There’s a b***** named Falatco who led a gang that attacked a Trump rally in Berkeley.”

“Black lives matter encourages cop killing.”

“The Left is dangerous and un-American.”

“Transgenders are mentally ill”

‘The left is Intellectually bankrupt”

“Democrats are the plantation slave masters of today” (article)

“Fight the leftie barbarians”

“The tinfoil hat crowd of the left should be pitied because insanity is a terrible fate”

“Some people hate Trump, but more people hate liberals”

“The loonies of the resistance are worth a laugh, but not much more than that.”


Jeffrey Wieler, Elected official in California, and poly-sci major at Princeton

Additional links on Wieler below:

Read an online review of Wieler’s comments below:

Read about the website Quora and commenter participation requirements HERE.

Readers seeking more information on Jeff Wieler and his activities can google his name.


Jeff Wieler has served on the Piedmont City Council for over 11 years. His initial service was for four years when he decided not to seek re-election.  After a break of 4 years, he was encouraged to seek election once more, which is allowed by the Piedmont City Charter.  He was elected to this second term of four years after which he again sought and won re-election for an additional four year term, as permitted by the City Charter.

Wieler will be “termed out” in November/December 2018 and cannot seek re-election until another 4 years have elapsed. He is currently Piedmont’s most tenured Councilmember.

Councilmember contact information:

Robert McBain, Acting Mayor (510) 547-0597 2nd Term Exp. 11/20
Jennifer Cavenaugh (510) 428-1442 1st Term Exp. 11/20
Teddy Gray King (510) 450-0890 1st Term Exp. 11/18
Tim Rood (510) 239-7663 1st Term Exp. 11/18
Jeff Wieler (510) 428-1648 2nd Term Exp. 11/18

3 Responses to “Momentum Grows for Former Mayor Jeff Wieler to Resign from the Piedmont City Council, as Piedmont News Has Been Noticed Throughout the Area, State, and US”

  1. I join with others in asking for the immediate removal of Jeff Wieler from the City Council. He is an embarrassment to the community.

    William Blackwell

  2. While I applaud the strong, decisive actions taken by Piedmont residents and elected officials in rising up against the hateful and disrespectful public comments of our former Mayor, this disturbing incident has focused a spotlight on the need for a comprehensive Code of Ethics to be written into the City Charter. These codes have become standard for cities large and small, and not having one ties the hands of city officials in taking immediate action when called for versus having to rely on community pressure or a lengthy and costly recall process. A Code of Ethics is not about limiting free speech or thought, but rather about codifying what is expected from elected officials and others who serve our great City.

  3. I believe the City Council will next meet on Tuesday, September 5 at 7:30 pm. If Jeff does not resign before the meeting, Piedmont’s citizens should participate in the public comment portion at the beginning of the meeting, and publicly urge him to resign.

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