Sep 6 2017

New Piedmont Mayor and Vice Mayor

Because of the vacancy created by Jeff Wieler’s resignation as mayor, the City Council meeting of September 5, 2017 called for the election of a new mayor and vice mayor to be selected by the Council from amongst themselves.

The Piedmont League of Women Voters asked that some description be made about each nominee and their qualifications.  This request was honored by Councilmember Teddy King who nominated Bob McBain for Mayor, and then by Councilmember Tim Rood in nominating King for Vice Mayor.

McBain and King have long histories of volunteerism in Piedmont having served on numerous commissions and committees. Bob McBain was elected Mayor of Piedmont and  Teddy King was elected Vice Mayor.  Both were elected unanimously, as the selection process followed a tradition of choosing the most tenured Council members and the individuals with the most votes in their election cycle.

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