Sep 19 2017

Recreation Department Embezzlement Suspect Arrested by Piedmont Police

Recreation employee Terrance May was arrested and charged with Embezzlement and Grand Theft.

Between July 15 and August 28, 2017, the crime of Embezzlement was committed within the City of Piedmont.

Piedmont Recreation Department staff discovered unusual transactions and promptly notified the Piedmont Police Department of their observations. The Police Department immediately initiated an investigation and determined that the suspect, who was an employee of the Piedmont Recreation Center for the past four years, used a point of sale application on his mobile device to take payments from Recreation Center customers and transfer those funds into his own bank account. The total amount of funds taken was $15,830.00.

Extensive investigative follow-up, combined with evidence recovered from bank accounts, led to the arrest of Terrance May.

May was charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office with one count of Embezzlement and two counts of Grand Theft.

May is currently out on bail.

Anyone with information and/or inquiries related to this case is asked to please contact Detective Willie Wright at (510) 420-3013.

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