Oct 20 2017

Anti-hate Signs Available Through the City of Piedmont and the School District

The City of Piedmont and the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD) are making “Piedmont Stands United Against Hate” signs available to all residents.

In a joint project, the City of Piedmont and the Piedmont Unified School District have purchased “Piedmont Stands United Against Hate” signs, which are available to residents to show their support of Piedmont as an inclusive community.

These signs are the latest action taken by the City and the PUSD to demonstrate the commitment of Piedmonters to be an inviting, equitable, just, and safe community for everyone and to condemn, in the strongest possible language, the totalitarian impulses, violent terrorism, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that are promoted by hate groups.

“These signs are a visible way for Piedmonters to show their support for inclusivity and respect,” said Mayor Robert McBain. “We are pleased to be able to partner with the School District to help residents take a visible stand against intolerance and injustice.”

“The Piedmont Unified School District has instituted curriculum this year to provide training in equity, diversity, and social justice for staff, students, and the Piedmont community,” said Board of Education President Sarah Pearson. “We are pleased to partner with the City on this important endeavor.”

A group of residents are mobilizing to distribute signs to those who request them.

If you are interested in obtaining a sign, please contact Conna McCarthy at > 


A limited number of signs will also be available at City Hall and the PUSD District Office.

The above press release is dated October 20, 2017. 


One Response to “Anti-hate Signs Available Through the City of Piedmont and the School District”

  1. Since the Teaching Tolerance seminars given to Piedmont faculty was a product of the Southern Poverty Law Group, I am wondering what “Hate” groups the signs are targeting. When looking up the groups “hate map,” it includes most conservative groups, many of which have nothing to do with Hate.
    The Poverty Law Center is itself a hate group, not tolerant of diverse opinion.

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