Oct 22 2017

Health Risk Potential of Proposed Small Cell Towers in Piedmont

The commercial proponents of extensive installations of “small” cell towers in Piedmont have stated that health issues cannot be considered when the City Council acts on the installations.  In support of their position, they refer to government regulators’ statements that the towers do not present a health issue and excluding health impacts from the permit process discussions.

More than one public person has come forward to state that the radiation emitted by the towers will present a health hazard to them because of their current medical conditions. Professionals from Piedmont have stated publicly on the record likely damage to humans, trees, insects, animals, and vegetation in cell tower areas.

CNN has been running a series of information programs providing data and evidence on the cell towers and cell phones as a potential health hazard.  To view programs, click below:


2 Responses to “Health Risk Potential of Proposed Small Cell Towers in Piedmont”

  1. The National Toxicology Program is in the midst of reviewing results of a study of the effects of RF from phones in rodents. Orders of magnitude higher exposure than towers but some interesting results.


  2. This subject of health effects from power lines, microwave ovens, cell phones, and now cell phone towers is an old one. To my knowledge, no adverse health effects have ever been demonstrated with statistical validity, despite myriad claims. I have a colleague at CalTech who is collaborating with some neurology groups on this subject. I will seek an update from him.

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