Oct 25 2017

BART Board Meeting on Fare Evaders Program Thursday, October 26 at 5 pm

While Riders Focus on Maintenance, Safety and Comfort Problems, BART Will Pursue Fare Evaders

The BART Board will hear reports from Board members on the maintenance, safety and other issues in the stations of their districts (Agenda Item 8 A) on Thursday, October 26. The public is invited to attend the 5 pm Board meeting in the Kaiser Mall, 344 20th Street, Oakland, on the third floor.  Some BART users have a particular interest in the maintenance and safety conditions in the Civic Center Station, a station where fare evaders are frequently observed.

New proof of fare purchase program

The second reading of a new ordinance (Agenda Item 5 A plus B) will seek to reduce fare avoidance on BART.  BART is very concerned about its estimated annual loss of $15 million to $25 million annually due to non-paying riders.  The proposed solution is requiring passengers anywhere within the paid system area to present proof of fare purchase to a transit official.  For adult violators the fine will be $75 and for juveniles $55.

Prohibition Orders to begin January 1, 2018

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 730 which will permit BART  authorities to bar persons from BART property for 30, 60 or 90 days if they commit certain acts including violence against riders or BART personnel.

Read BART agenda here. 

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