Oct 28 2017

City Administrator Recommends Council Approval of Three Cell Communication Sites Monday, October 30

Special Council meeting to consider 3 sites for Wireless Communication facilities. 

Monday, October 30, 7:30 p.m., City Hall. 

AGENDA SUBJECT: Consideration of Applications for Wireless Communication Facilities Permits and Variances submitted by Crown Castle NG West LLC through Beacon Development as well as a determination of CEQA Exemption under CCR 15303(d) as follows (continued from 10/16/17): a. PHS01 – Across from 340 – 370 Highland Ave., PHS03 – 799 Magnolia Ave., and PHSo4 – Across from 740 Magnolia Ave.

City Administrator Paul Benoit’s  RECOMMENDATION:

A. Approve, subject to standard and special conditions, the applications for wireless communication facilities (WCF) permit at the following three sites by adopting the three resolutions included in Attachment A, pages 7-45 of this report:

1. Site PHS01, a WCF proposed across from 340-370 Highland Avenue;

2. Site PHS03, a WCF proposed at 799 Magnolia Avenue; and

3. Site PHS04, a WCF proposed across from 740 Magnolia Avenue.

Read the full staff report including the recommended conditions of approval below >



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