Nov 7 2017

CLIMATE PLAN: Workshop Tuesday November 7

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, from 7:30 – 9:00 pm, at the Piedmont Community Hall, 711 Highland Avenue.
The residential/transportation sector is the largest contributor to Piedmont’s Green House Gas (GHG) so the city is developing it’s next Climate Action Plan with policies that will affect land use, transportation and home construction.  
The meeting is a workshop to provide background on the Plan and obtain input so there will be a lot of back and forth with speakers and the audience
And there are special presentations in that regard – Chris Jones of UCB will give a brief presentation on Piedmont’s carbon footprint – this analysis was published in Science and provides new insight into residential GHG sources in Piedmont.  And Council member Tim Rood will provide an update on East Bay Community Energy – this is an energy cooperative that Piedmont joined last year that will give residents the choice to go 100% green in their home energy use.  
The workshop  is a great opportunity to learn more about GHG reduction steps you can take in your community.  And to provide ideas for the Climate Action Plan – for residents who want to see the city do more, now is the time to provide comment on the new Plan.
Garrett Keating, Former Councilmember

City of Piedmont’s Climate Action Plan Presentation and Community Workshop

On November 7th, the City of Piedmont Planning Department and the Climate Action Plan Task Force will host a community workshop. The workshop will include a presentation of Piedmont’s draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) update, presentations on Piedmont’s carbon footprint, focus group discussions, and information on how Piedmont residents can act as agents of local climate change prevention and mitigation.

The Climate Action Plan Taskforce has met monthly since March to advise staff regarding updates and improvements to Piedmont’s CAP, which was completed in 2010 with goals through 2020. The revised and updated CAP consists of measures that Piedmont residents, business owners, the municipal government and the public and private schools can take to bring Piedmont’s greenhouse gas emissions in line with State emissions reduction targets. The updated plan incorporates current best practices, includes a new section dedicated to climate adaptation and an increased focus on community engagement, since the majority of Piedmont’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by residential buildings and private vehicles.

Minutes and other materials for previous Climate Action Plan Taskforce meetings are posted on the City website at

The final draft of the Plan is expected to be provided to City Council in December of 2017 as an initial step towards the Plan’s adoption in early 2018.

For more information about the CAP or to be added to the project’s email list, please contact Assistant Planner Mira Hahn at or (510) 420-3054.

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