Dec 1 2017

Shooting on Moraga Avenue Outside of Piedmont

Gunshots fired into a home on Moraga Avenue in Oakland. 

Piedmont is once more in the local TV news. Piedmonters regularly pass the location of the incident on Moraga Avenue in Oakland as they go from the center of Piedmont via Moraga Avenue toward Piedmont Avenue.  A neighbor across the street from the shooting is in custody for the crime.

On Tuesday, 11/28/17, at approximately 5:45PM, Piedmont and Oakland Police officers responded to the 4400 block of Moraga Avenue following multiple reports of gunshots in the area. Oakland Police officers located and arrested the suspect, who was responsible for discharging the firearm into the air and into a nearby home. As the entire event took place within the City of Oakland, OPD is the investigating agency. No one was injured during the incident.  City Clerk of Piedmont.

Watch a television report here.

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