Dec 1 2017

Superintendent’s Response: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in Piedmont Schools

Piedmont Unified School District Superintendent Booker responses to Tim Rood’s request that all PUSD personnel, including teachers, receive sexual harassment prevention training.  (Read Rood’s letter here.)

Mr. Rood-

Thank you for your recent inquiry around the District’s Sexual Harassment Training.

You are correct to state that the law requires that all PUSD employees in a supervisory role receive sexual harassment training every other year.  PUSD Administrators and Supervisors complete sexual harassment training every other year and beginning in 2017 have moved to annual training.

While the law requires mandatory training, my administrative team welcomes the professional development in support of staff and students and does not see it as “unpopular” in the least bit.

In the future, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.  I’m happy to walk you through the District’s policies and procedures.


Randall Booker
Further information:  School Board President Sarah Pearson stated,  “Please know that the board and administration would like to require sexual harassment training for all staff (including teachers) and we have been researching best options. This is a negotiated item with the unions. The district has opened that item but we can not disclose details of contract negotiations.”

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