Jan 12 2018

OPINION: Piedmont Garbage Contract Burdens Seniors

Jan 12, 2018

Piedmont City Council
c/o John Tulloch

Jan. 16, 2018 2nd Reading Refuse Contract Handicapped Exemption

Dear Mayor McBain and Council,
Annual renewal of the handicapped backyard service exemption is not an annual requirement elsewhere. I ask Council to reconsider this burdensome and unnecessary annual requirement.

Mill Valley Refuse Service (“MVRS”) serves nine Marin County Cities and does not require an annual renewal for the backyard exemption as confirmed by MVRS co-owner Jim Iavarone: “You do not have to renew your backyard exemption for disability.”

Berkeley’s refuse ordinance 12.34.040 does not require an annual renewal. Berkeley goes further by only requiring a statement from those requesting the backyard service. Piedmont need not be so onerous as to the requirements placed on the disabled.

I continue to question Piedmont’s lack of compassion for fixed income seniors wishing to age in place in the City they love. The backyard exemption for seniors at age 62 to 70 is common elsewhere. None of the 14,000 customers that MVRS serves has challenged Jim Iavarone’s characterization of the “spare change” cost of the MVRS age 70 backyard exemption. Berkeley has an age 62 backyard exemption which continues unquestioned by the 121,000 residents of Berkeley.

In contrast Piedmont seniors receive no backyard exemption and pay for School District and City garbage service. Why must Piedmont be so burdensome to its disabled and senior residents?


Rick Schiller

Cc: Kevin Jackson
Chris Yeager

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  1. I agree. Thank you Rick.
    George Childs

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