Jan 17 2018

Piedmont Parking District Established for Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Upsets Oakland Neighbors

At the City Council meeting of January 16, 2018, numbers of very upset Oakland residents spoke to the Piedmont City Council regarding the dangerous and damaging changes to their quality of life as parking spaces next to their apartment buildings had been preempted for use by Piedmont residents.

The speakers addressed the City Council under the Public Forum agenda item preventing the Council from commenting other than to refer the crowd to City Administrator Paul Benoit and Public Works Director Chester Nakahara for further information.

Press announcement is below:

Long Requested Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District to Become Effective January 18, 2018 – 

On January 18, 2018, the parking restrictions in the Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District will come into effect. This district, which covers portions of these streets, will provide for Resident Parking only between 10:00PM and 7:00AM, 7 days a week. The sections of each street where the new parking restriction will be enforced are designated by signage. Click to view a map of the Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District. Please note that the portions of Greenbank Avenue colored green on the map are not part of the district.

This district was approved by the City Council on October 16, 2017, after extensive consultation with residents of the area. For a full history of how the district came to be, please read the October 16, 2017 City Council Agenda Report. Click to read the October 16, 2017 City Council Minutes, this item is on page 47. The video of the meeting is available on the On-Line Video Page of the City’s web site.

Both Piedmont and Oakland residents whose properties are included in the district will be provided parking passes for the district. These passes were mailed to the property owners or their designee on January 10th. Residents of the area who have questions are encouraged to contact Public Works Director Chester Nakahara at cnakahara@piedmont.ca.gov or via phone at (510) 420-3050.


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