Jan 19 2018

45 Days for Piedmonters to Review Newest Climate Action Plan

New Version Climate Action Plan (CAP 2.0) is available for public review for a 45-day period.

The document can be read HERE.

The new draft Climate Action Plan 2.0, with amendments, and the CEQA Negative Declaration are available on the Climate Action Program page. A limited number of paper copies of the CAP and CEQA Negative Declaration are available for review at the Public Works counter in City Hall at 120 Vista Avenue.

The CAP includes five major strategies intended to reduce GHG emissions:

  • Buildings and Energy:Minimize energy consumption; create high-performance buildings, and transition to clean, renewable energy sources.   The buildings and energy strategy recommends energy efficiency retrofits for existing buildings, enhances energy performance requirements for new construction, increases use of renewable energy, and improves community energy management.

  • Municipal:Minimize the carbon footprint of all city operations and activities, and working to educate the community in concrete actions they can take part of to reduce the overall city’s GHG emissions.The municipal strategy recommends reduction of municipal water use, better solid waste management, reduction of transportation emissions, as well as those that are generated from city buildings and energy use.

  • Waste and Water:Minimize waste and celebrate water as an essential community resource.The waste and water strategy builds on past City successes by increasing waste diversion rates and recommending water conservation measures applicable to both indoor and outdoor water use.

  • Transportation:Create an interconnected transportation system and pattern that shifts travel from personal automobiles to walking, biking, and public transit. The transportation and land use strategy identifies ways to reduce automobile emissions, including improving pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, enhancing public transit service, and improving the City’s vehicle fleet.

  • Consumption:Increase awareness on consumption choices that will generate less or zero greenhouse gas emissions.The consumption strategy identifies reducing food waste, choosing products and services that will have a smaller or no carbon footprint throughout the complete cycle of demand, production, purchase, transportation, use, and disposal, among others.

    The City of Piedmont invites residents and and business owners to review and comment on the Climate Action Plan 2.0 and CEQA Negative Declaration during a 45-day review period from January 16, 2018 to March 2, 2018. Both the current draft Climate Action Plan 2.0, with amendments, and the CEQA Negative Declaration are available on the Climate Action Program page.

    The Climate Action Plan Task Force is a group of residents with expertise in various aspects of climate solutions who were appointed by the City Council in March of 2017 to assist with this process. The task force has held ten public meetings over the past year to discuss the proposed updates, including a community workshop on November 7th. At its meeting on January 10, 2018, the Task Force discussed the latest draft of the Climate Action Plan and voted to recommend that City Council approve it, with minor amendments.

Contact information for comments and questions noted below:

Kevin Jackson

Planning Director


(510) 420-3039


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