Mar 11 2018

Follow City Money: Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee March 13

One of Piedmont’s most influential committees, responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on expenditures and revenues, the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee,  will meet on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 6 pm in the Police Department Emergency Operations Center.

The agenda includes:

  • Review of Long Term Pension & General Fund Projections ( Piedmont has two programs for retirees.  One is with CalPERS, which the City does not control or determine the required contributions made for beneficiaries.  The second fund, controlled by the City and distributed from the Piedmont Retirement Fund to pre-PERS beneficiaries.  This fund is over funded for the approximately 16 remaining beneficiaries.)
  • Review of FY 16/17 Year End General Fund Transfers & Establishment of Section 115 Trust ( No explanation has been provided for the newly proposed Trust.)
  • Review of FY 17/18 Mid-Year Fiscal Report, and future meetings.

(Staff reports were not provided with the agenda.)

 The public can attend and participate in the meeting. There will be no audio or written record kept of meeting discussion or presentations. Additionally, no broadcast via the internet or cable TV will be available.

Read the agenda here

One Response to “Follow City Money: Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee March 13”

  1. While the work of the BAFPC is somewhat arcane, PCA’s assessment as one of the “most influential committees” is spot on. Much rationale for further taxation generates from this committee and the committee relies on a volume of staff information. I would like to see this Committee on KCOM and the material presented to them by staff more widely available.

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