Mar 17 2018

Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking Tickets to Begin on Monday, March 19th

The Piedmont Police Department will begin issuing citations [tickets] for parking violations in the > Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District on March 19, 2018. 

On January 18, 2018, the parking restrictions in the Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District came into effect. This district, which covers portions of these streets, provides for Resident Parking only between 10:00 p.m and 7:00 a.m., 7 days a week. Since its inception, the Piedmont Police Department has enforced the provisions of the District by issuing warning citations. Attached below is a map of the Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District. Please note that the portions of Greenbank Avenue colored green on the map are not part of the district.

Beginning the evening of Monday, March 19th, the Piedmont Police Department will begin issuing regular citations when violations of the parking regulations are observed. If you have any questions or comments related specifically to the enforcement of the Linda-Kingston-Lake-Rose Parking District you may contact Support Services Commander Lisa Douglas at (510) 420-3014 or at

If you have questions about the formation of the district, please contact Public Works Director Chester Nakahara at or via phone at (510) 420-3050.


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