Apr 10 2018

May 15 Deadline for Filing Application for Residents Who Cannot Place Their Cans at the Curb, New Garbage Rates July 1, 2018

City Staff & Consultant Negotiated Costly New Rates for Reduced Waste Removal Services –

Piedmonters have been receiving notices by mail from Republic Services, Piedmont’s waste disposal contractor, regarding the jump in waste and recycling service rates.  These higher rates are explained, in part, according to Republic Services in their letter, that “community leadership in environmental interests present unique operational challenges.”

The following information has been updated to inform residents that the May 15 deadline is for renewals rather than the initiation of disability exemptions for the new service fees starting on July 1, 2018. Qualifying residents are encouraged to apply promptly for a timely reduction in fees.

In concern for Piedmonters unable to move their cans to the curb, the following program is offered:

For the July 1, 2018 new service start, Piedmonters unable to move their cans to the curb may receive on-site pick up at the reduced rate, IF they promptly submit an application to the City and are approved.


 >Exemption from Curbside Placement Application

The initial launch of the disability exemption service is July 1, 2018 and customers who have been approved for the exemption prior to this date will enjoy the benefit starting on this date.

Residents may apply for the the disability exemption past May 15, as the City will accept applications for the exemptions at any time, however reduced fees are not retroactive.

The City will process the applications upon receipt and notify the contractor promptly once the application has been approved. The franchise agreement states that, “the contractor shall provide on-premise service on the next scheduled collection day, provided that the city has approved requested on-premises service and informed contractor in writing within 2 work days of the collection day.” [The City has not indicated how long it will take to process applications, hence qualifying applicants are encouraged to promptly submit their applications.]

The May 15 due date comes from the City Policy, which indicates that applications for the annual renewal of applications is May 15, unless the original application was filed within the past 9 months. Since time is required to process renewal applications, the May 15 due date for renewal applications is meant to ensure there is no break in service at the start of the next annual service term (July 1 – June 30). As noted in the Policy, by April 1 of each year staff will send customers with the disability exemption a reminder of the need to renew and information on how to do so.

Price Increases:

Beginning on July 1, 2018, prices for all services will increase. Single family residential prices are based on the size of the garbage cart. Each residential account includes unlimited recycling and organics carts. Carts used for on-premises (backyard) services are limited to a maximum size of 35 gallons. Additional garbage carts are available for an additional cost.

Curbside Collection:

  • 20 Gallon Garbage Cart – $79.84 per month
  • 35 Gallon Garbage Cart – $84.60 per month
  • 65 Gallon Garbage Cart – $116.55 per month
  • 95 Gallon Garbage Cart – $130.52 per month

On-Premises (Backyard) Collection:

  • 20 Gallon Garbage Cart – $122.17 per month
  • 35 Gallon Garbage Cart – $126.93 per month

Suggested Ways to Save on Your Garbage Bill:

  • Reduce your garbage subscription levels by recycling and composting more and using a smaller waste cart.
  • Switch to curbside services. On-premises (backyard) service is approximately $42 more per month.
  • Use the annual prepayment discount. 1 year advanced payment results in the 12th month being free.
  • Physically disabled customers with no able-bodied household members are eligible to receive on-premises service at curbside rates. An application must be completed and submitted with a doctor’s note or a copy of a valid California Disability Parking Placard. See below for details.

On-Premises Disability Discount

The Exemption from Curbside Placement of Garbage, Organics, and Recycling Carts policy was approved by the  City Council on December 4, 2017. The policy allows for single-family residential households consisting only of residents who are physically unable to move their trash and recycling carts to the curb each week to receive on-premises collection service of their waste, recycling, and organics carts at curbside rates.

The account holder must complete the > Exemption from Curbside Placement Application to the fullest extent and must provide a copy of a doctor’s certification or a current California Disability Parking Placard with the initial application. The account holder must verify that there are no able-bodied household members capable of moving the carts to the curb.

In order to continue to receive the discounted rate, the account holder must provide an updated doctors certification or current California Disability Parking Placard once a year to the City. In order to guarantee curbside rates for each subsequent year, provide the updated certification on or before May 15.

What do other cities pay?

Albany, CA has a ten year solid waste & recycling agreement in October 2011 giving seniors 62 years of age and older receive a 20% discount on service.  Disabled residents with an ongoing physical disability that prevents them from being able to wheel a cart curbside may qualify for an exemption to curbside service (carts will be serviced from location as designated by resident – typically side or backyard)

As of May 1, 2017 backyard residential pickup was an additional $15.21. Low waste generators receive monthly trash service (10 gallon) and recycle service (64 gallon) and weekly organics service (64 gallon) at the monthly rate of $15.25.  See the complete residential household monthly rates listed here.

     Belvedere, CA differentiates between the city’s “flat” and “hill” areas. The complete rates listed here.
     Mill Valley, CA differentiates between the city’s “flat” and “hill” areas.  The cost to SSI residents are $8.46 in the “flat” and $10.32 in the  “hill” areas.  The complete rates are listed here
     Corte Madera, CA differentiates between the city’s “flat” and “hill” areas and offers a list of “Lifeline” rates to seniors, disabled and low income residents. The complete rates are listed here

Application form for on-premises-discount > HERE.

Information from City website > HERE.


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  1. When comparing our new rates with those of Belvedere, Mill Valley, and Corte Madera, our new curbside rates will be over TWICE as high as the rates for the hilly areas of those cities. For example, our rate for a 35 gallon can will be $84.60/month. In Corte Madera, a 32 gallon can is $34.93/month. This doesn’t make any sense. Can’t we do better?

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