Apr 17 2018

Capital Improvement Projects, Facility Master Planning: Rec Commission Wednesday, April 18

The Recreation Commission will meet on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 7:30 p.m. Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont. This meeting will be broadcast live on Channel 27 or from the City of Piedmont website under videos. 


1.  Election of Chair and Vice Chair
2.  Approval of Recreation Commission Minutes December 20, 2017 and March 21, 2018
3.  Director’s Report
4.  Consideration of the Betty C. Howard Award for 2017
5.  Update on Linda Beach Master Plan
6.  Update on Capital Improvement Projects Review Committee (CIP)
7.  Update on Facility Master Planning
Aquatic Facilities were discussed at the prior Recreation Commission meeting.  Below is an excerpt from the DRAFT minutes:
“Ms. Lillevand discussed the possible bond measure language included in the survey. She indicated that 53% of respondents were supportive of a possible bond measure at this time, but that this level of support falls short of the super majority required to pass a bond. She indicated that respondents were asked about different bond amounts, but that support levels remained the same for a $15 million or $20 million bond. She relayed Mr. Metz’s conclusion that respondents did not see the upgrades to the pool or recreational facilities as an urgent matter.
“Ms. Lillevand relayed that following receipt of this information, Council directed staff to reconvene the ad-hoc subcommittee of Councilmember Andersen and Mayor McBain to work with staff on possible public outreach and education initiatives. She also indicated that staff is working to obtain a professional opinion on the usable lifespan of the existing facility as well as what would happen in the event of a major failure at the pool.”
Read the full prior meeting draft minutes and the agenda  >.2018 April Recreation Commission Meeting Packet

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