Apr 20 2018

Holly Hanke Honored with the 2018 Arthur Hecht Award

Volunteer helped to establish the Education Foundation’s Piedmont Portal providing news and contacts regarding community and schools activities.

Holly Hanke, a long-time volunteer in the schools and community who stands out for the remarkable breadth and depth of her service, will be honored with this year’s Arthur Hecht award. The award is presented each year to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the community and to Piedmont’s youth through volunteer service over a period of many years. The Board of Education will present the award at its meeting on May 9th.

Art Hecht was well known as a volunteer dedicated to serving students in Piedmont and Oakland. He was a member of Piedmont’s Board of Education from 1970 to 1982, and instrumental in developing Millennium High School, Piedmont’s alternative high school. Established in 1998, the Arthur Hecht Award honors both Hecht’s memory and extraordinary individuals who continue his legacy of service.

The clear choice for this year’s award, Ms. Hanke has been a dedicated volunteer in the schools and community for more than 12 years. She has played a vital role in not just one or two but nearly every school support organization in Piedmont. She led the charge to create the Piedmont Portal, and still spends time each week updating the site and creating the email bulletin. She has served on the Boards of CHIME, PEF, PADC, the Education Speaker Series, PAINTS, and the Wellness Center, and played an integral role in the strategic planning and communications of each of these organizations, helping them to grow and prosper. She has played a central role in the Giving Campaign, Spring Fling, the Harvest Festival and Measures B & E, A and H1, writing countless articles, bulletins, and email messages to promote communication, advocacy and fundraising in support of our students. She has volunteered at Havens, Piedmont Middle School and Piedmont High School, helping to produce school bulletins. Also, she has also been a willing volunteer for many more mundane tasks, from stuffing envelopes to proof reading to coordinating lice checks.

Ms. Hanke’s work to establish the Piedmont Portal has been an especially unique and enduring gift to the community, and it showcases the range of her service — she has the insight to brainstorm new projects, the leadership to effect change, and the work ethic to roll up her sleeves and get things done, without ever seeking recognition for her efforts.

“Holly’s efforts to work behind the scenes and go unrecognized have been futile as evidenced by the large number of nominations she received,” commented Randy Booker, Superintendent. “She is well- deserving of this award and exemplifies a true heart of service to students and the District.”

The Board of Education will honor the extraordinary contributions of Ms. Hanke with this award and a gift of student artwork on May 9th.

Piedmont Unified School District

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