Apr 21 2018

Discount Rate for Solid Waste Services When Prepaid and Application for Disability Exemptions

Republic Services has announced their continuing program of a one month discount (no charge) in exchange for year-in-advance payment. 

The prepaid service runs from July 1 through June 30 of each year.   Advance pay sign-ups after July 31 will be prorated accordingly.

  If you have questions regarding this program, contact:

Republic Services Customer Service at:

1 – 800 – 320-8077 or email piedmont@repsrv.com

Contact numbers can also be found on residents’ service statements.


Piedmont’s Disability Exemption Program, unlike the prepaid service discount, is administered by the City of Piedmont Planning Department rather than Republic Services. 

For the July 1, 2018 new service start, Piedmonters unable to move their cans to the curb may receive on-site pick up at the reduced rate, IF they submit a timely application to the City and are approved.  Fees are not retroactive.

 The City application form can be found by clicking below:

 >Exemption from Curbside Placement Application

The initial launch of the disability exemption service is July 1, 2018 and customers who have been approved by the City for the exemption prior to this date will enjoy the benefit starting on this date.

Residents may apply for the the disability exemption with the City at any time, however any approved reduced rates will not be retroactive. 

The City will process the applications upon receipt and notify the contractor promptly once the application has been approved. The franchise agreement states that, “the contractor shall provide on-premise service on the next scheduled collection day, provided that the city has approved requested on-premises service and informed contractor in writing within 2 work days of the collection day.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to not delay in submitting their applications to receive the full year fee reduction.

The City Council at their meeting on April 16, 2018 approved a small revision in the policy governing disability exemptions. The proposed policy can be read HERE. 

For additional information or questions, contact the Piedmont Planning Department at 420-3050. 

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