Apr 26 2018

Piedmont a Leader in Sewer Replacement and EPA Compliance

By accelerating its sanitary sewer replacement program, as recommended by the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee on which I served, and by prioritizing the repair of the leakiest reaches of pipe, Piedmont has avoided incurring any fines, unlike many of our neighboring jurisdictions. I’m proud of the efforts of our staff to expedite this largely invisible but very important work. Councilmember Tim Rood

Note that Piedmont is one of a few Cities affected by the EPA Consent Decree to have no fines assessed. That is a direct credit to Public Works Director Chester Nakahara and our City Engineer’s diligence in making steady progress with our system upgrades and keeping us well ahead of schedule. City Administrator Paul Benoit

See below the press release regarding violations and fines assessed by the US EPA for sewage discharge violations by other cities.

Press Release USEPA fines

2 Responses to “Piedmont a Leader in Sewer Replacement and EPA Compliance”

  1. And all accomplished without the 50% increase in the sewer tax the 2011 MTRC subcommittee recommended. Thank you Rick Schiller. Saved taxpayers $11M.

    Since Piedmont is ahead of schedule, I wonder if the city could approach EPA and propose that it slow the sewer program and instead divert funds into CO2 reduction. That is Piedmont’s real pollution problem – per capita, Piedmonters emit much more CO2 than our neighbors. Once replacement is complete, much of the Sewer Fund will be spent on monitoring the new system for flow rate, leaks and other maintenance. But only 20 years into the 100 year lifespan of the new system, is that monitoring really needed? For true environmental benefit, wouldn’t those funds be better spent (in Piedmont) on CO2 reduction?

  2. You’re welcome, a pleasure. In 2011 Piedmont was ahead of the compliance schedule and after the 2012 $11M tax failed the City was able to continue being in the compliance lead within existing taxes and budgets. Today Piedmont is ahead of the compliance schedule and has a higher percentage of financial reserves. When will the sewer or parcel tax be temporarily suspended?

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