May 13 2018

OPINION: Vote Jeff Bleich for Lt. Governor

I don’t normally do this, but I’m writing to urge you this week to help support my friend Jeff Bleich, who is running for Lt. Governor in California.
I have known Jeff for two decades and he’s the real deal in every respect. After serving President Obama as Special Counsel in the White House, U.S. Ambassador to Australia, and Chair of the Fulbright Board, and also serving as Chair of the Cal State system, President of the State Bar, leading a major firm, and fighting Ted Cruz and the NRA in Court, he’s taking all of that experience and running for Lt. Governor.
Jeff takes no special interest or SuperPAC support and is running for the right reasons and in the right way. He’s been endorsed by every paper that has weighed in. The Sierra Club calls him “hands down, the best candidate for Lt. Governor of California,” and next generation leaders like Adam Schiff, Ro Khanna, and Ted Lieu have all lined up behind Jeff.
This week is the key week for him to raise money to get his message out before election day. If we want a government with these sorts of leaders, we need to support them when they come along. So please vote for him AND to help ensure his victory, please consider donating to his campaign at:  You can give up to $7,300.
I can assure you he’s worth investing in. This is how we make democracy work again. Please consider donating today.
                                   Julie Reichle, Piedmont Resident
Editors Note: Opinions expressed are those of the author. 

One Response to “OPINION: Vote Jeff Bleich for Lt. Governor”

  1. Thanks, Julie Reichle, for reminding us about Jeff Bleich’s candidacy for Lt. Governor. I’ve already sent in my ballot and have voted for Jeff Bleich. And while I too don’t normally do this, I’d like to urge Piedmont citizens to consider supporting Delaine Eastin for Governor.

    Delaine was the first and only woman to date to be elected California State Superintendent (1995–2003) under Governors Pete Wilson and Gray Davis. She also represented parts of Alameda County and Santa Clara County in the California State Assembly between 1986 and 1994. I find her strategies on education, children’s welfare, affordable housing, and renewable energy to be balanced and thoughtful and surprisingly candid on what the state can and can’t do at the moment. And like Jeff Bleich, Delaine Eastin is not taking any special interest, or Super PAC support; she is running her campaign on individual donations.

    I believe Delaine Eastin is the real deal.

    Thank you,

    Denise Bostrom

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