Jul 8 2018

Republic Services Responds to PCA Recycling Inquiry

The Piedmont Civic Association upon learning of recycling difficulties  encountered by Republic Services, Piedmont’s recyclable waste collector, made inquiry to Republic regarding the final disposition of recyclable waste collected in Piedmont.  The following is a letter from Republic Services and an attachment explaining the problems incurred in properly recycling materials gathered by their large company.

June 26, 2018

Thank you for your email sent through our corporate system.  I apologize for the delay in responding to your organization.

Please see attached a copy of a letter [LINK BELOW] that was sent from Cal Recycle that describes in more detail the issue with the China Sword.

First, I would like to acknowledge the City of Piedmont, as your residents do a wonderful job!

In response to your question regarding the recycling material we collect and process in Piedmont,  it is not going to the landfill.

Our local processing facility has been resourceful to date in finding sources to sell  recycling material that we collect.

We are communicating with the leadership in Piedmont providing information and updates and  will include your organization as well going forward on any information or change in our operations.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Thanks so much for reaching out !

Best Regards,

Bielle Moore

Community and Government Affairs Manager, Republic Services

Richmond, CA

Excerpt from document:

On May 4th, China stopped accepting any imports of recyclable materials from the United States for one month. This decision follows China’s implementation of its National Sword policy on March 1st, banning the imports of 24 categories of scrap materials including low grade plastics and unsorted mixed paper, and setting strict contamination standards for allowable bales of recyclable material. The exporting of recyclable commodities to China, primarily our traditional curbside materials, has historically been a key component of California’s recycling infrastructure. Approximately two thirds of curbside collected material is exported to foreign markets.

Read May 8, 2018 correspondence of  Republic Services  beginning on page 17  > document.

The document includes over 100 pages of information. 

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