Jul 25 2018

Piedmonters Can Make a Difference in Piedmont City and School Governance

You may hear from time to time comments that Piedmont issues should have been handled differently.  Now is the time to get involved and make certain those issues are publicly discussed and elected candidates represent Piedmont views.

Candidates for City Council and School Board are needed to fill available seats and guarantee an active and informative November 6, 2018 election.  Contact the City Clerk at 420-3040. 

Desired  candidates are Piedmonters who have been volunteers, activists, commissioners, committee members, teachers, previously elected officials, etc., who care about Piedmont and its schools.    

There are 3 positions on the City Council and 2 positions on the School Board to be filled at the election on November 6, 201

Those interested in Piedmont elective office must act before the 5 pm August 10 deadline to complete and file the necessary paperwork to be a candidate in the November 6, 2018 election.

Candidates need to promptly contact the City Clerk at 420-3040 for an appointment to receive filing information. The session with the City Clerk is projected to take one hour. 

There is no cost to be a candidate in the election nor to file for the election.

The California Elections Code requires that nomination papers be issued in person to the prospective candidate at City Hall, 120 Vista Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611.

It is strongly recommended that residents wishing to take out and return candidate paperwork set an appointment with the City Clerk. 510/420-3040

This ensures prompt service for the candidate and allows the Clerk to devote full attention to the process. Residents without appointments will be seen on a time available basis and may be subject to interruption. Contact the Piedmont City Clerk at 510/420-3040. 

…….. Additional information for candidates ………..

The Piedmont “Guide to Nomination and Candidacy” is > HERE.

STAFF REPORT ESTABLISHING ELECTION  > http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/html/govern/staffreports/2018-06-18/electionprocedure.pdf


There are 2* incumbents for the three Council vacancies and 2 incumbents for the two Board of Education vacancies. If an incumbent does not file for re-election, the nomination period will be extended by 5 days as below:

– * Elections Code Section 10225.

(a) Notwithstanding Sections 10220 and 10224, if nomination papers for an incumbent officer of the city are not filed by or on the 88th day before the election, during normal business hours, as posted, the voters shall have until the 83rd day before the election during normal business hours, as posted, to nominate candidates other than the person who was the incumbent on the 88th day, for that incumbent’s elective office.

  • *On the City Council there is presently an appointed Council member, who is not considered by law to be an incumbent (Section 13107), but who can seek one of the 3 vacant seats on the Council at the November 2018 Election.

Residents with questions about the process should call the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

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