Aug 8 2018

The Heat Pump Water Heater Program Will Not Accept Any More Participants

CESC Program is limited to two Heat Pump Water Heater Installations per City –

Mira Hahm,  of the Piedmont Planning Department, writes:

We would like to say thank you to all of you who expressed interest in the Heat Pump Water Heater pilot program! We have passed along the contact information of those who expressed interest thus far to the Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC), one of the project implementers along with East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW).
Given the high number of responses, we are reaching out to let you all know that for the time being, CESC won’t be accepting any further requests from residents to participate in this pilot program, as there is a limit of 2 installs per city (with income-qualifying residents receiving priority). CESC will begin reviewing the list of those interested and reaching out in order to set up a site assessment to determine eligibility.
However, if eligible homes aren’t determined with this round of interested residents, then they may open recruitment once more before the September 14th project deadline. We will keep you posted.
Please direct any questions about the pilot program and/or Heat Pump Water Heater technology to CESC.
Mira Hahn, MCRP
Assistant Planner
City of Piedmont
120 Vista Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611
Phone: (510) 420-3054


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