Aug 23 2018

Piedmont High School Needs Physics Teachers

Piedmont high school is in need of substitute or permanent part or full-time physics teachers.

The following is an excerpt from Principal Adam Littlefield’s email sent to parents.

In the past, Piedmont Unified has attracted qualified candidates, for several reasons: Board Policy allows District employees to enroll their children in Piedmont Schools, high academic expectations, and competitive salary/benefits.

The teacher shortage is real. There are simply not enough credentialed teachers for the jobs that are available. Districts across the Bay Area are all fighting for the same candidates. The cost of living in the Bay Area is extreme.

Over the spring/summer, our district lost eight experienced teachers due to financial hardship/move out-of-state decisions.The District lost three additional teachers due to wanting a shorter commute for either equal or slightly higher of pay.

Teacher pay across the Bay Area (and State) is not keeping up with the cost of living. This is forcing many teachers to look at other professions or to simply leave the Bay Area.

While prospective candidates may want to teach in Piedmont, just a couple of thousand dollars difference in salary can result in a candidate choosing a different district.

I need your help. One of the things I appreciate about the Piedmont community is your resourcefulness. Many of you have connections and some of you may know of prospective physics teachers. While there are credential requirements, there are also allowances for creativity and flexibility. I appreciate you casting a wide net over your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances asking prospective physics teachers to contact me by phone at (510) 594-2625 or email at

Adam Littlefield, Principal Piedmont High School

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