Aug 28 2018

Package Thefts in Piedmont: Police Tips on Safety

During the month of August, the Piedmont Police Department has seen an uptick in the number of package thefts being reported.

Below are some pictures captured by neighborhood video surveillance in the 800 block of Blair Avenue, the 1500 block of Grand Avenue and the 100 block of Sunnyside Avenue, where packages were taken from the front porch of several homes. Vehicles associated with these thefts were a newer blue/grey 4 door hybrid SUV and a white moped/scooter with a black seat.

Police Tips for safe package delivery:

 1-Don’t leave packages out for extended periods of time. Reach out to your neighbors and ask them to bring packages inside.

2-Use an alternate shipping address like work or a friend/relative that you know will be home to receive packages.

3-Choose shipping options that provide for advanced package tracking, allow you to redirect a package, receive detailed updates on estimated delivery time, and send an email or text once your package has been delivered.

4-Install a security camera. Security cameras can deter burglars, keep your packages safer, and help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Products like Nest Cam Outdoor and the Ring doorbell are inexpensive ways to increase security.

If you have any information regarding these thefts, contact Piedmont Police Department Detective R. Coffey at 510-420-3015.

2 Responses to “Package Thefts in Piedmont: Police Tips on Safety”

  1. I hope all the packages contained books on ethics.

  2. Well, the 4 suggestions for preventing porch pirates didn’t work.

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