Aug 31 2018

BART Labor Day Weekend Interruptions To and From SF until Tuesday AM: Free Bus Bridge

Labor Day Weekend BART to and from Piedmont to San Francisco destinations will take longer –

BART will be making major repairs on their track and other infrastructure between the 19th Street and West Oakland stations over the Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3.  There will be no BART service between those stations.

There will be a free bus bridge provided by AC Transit between 19th Street and West Oakland, with the trip taking between 10 and 15 minutes.  The trip from Rockridge or MacArthur Station to the San Francisco airport or any other San Francisco destination should be expected to take up to 30 minutes longer than normal because of the time needed to transfer between BART stations and buses.

Riders who wish to travel across the Bay should stay on their BART train until 19th Street, take the free bus to West Oakland, and board another BART train to their West Bay destination. In the eastbound direction, passengers should get off BART at West Oakland, take the bus shuttle to 19th St., and then board another BART train.

Normal BART service will resume Tuesday morning.

Read article about the closure here.  Note that the 511 Trip Planner site is not cognizant of the closure or Bus Bridge and presents schedules that assume no interruption between 19th Street Station and West Oakland Station on BART.

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