Sep 5 2018

OPINION: Megan Pillsbury for School Board

Dear Editor:

I am proud to support the candidacy of Megan Pillsbury for Piedmont’s most important School Board. When someone so intelligent, even-tempered, and deeply experienced with the most intricate workings of our town’s schools, steps up to serve on the School Board, we all should be grateful. As a beloved and dedicated Elementary School teacher at both Wildwood and Havens, her ever-present concern of the best interests of her students led her to devise new systems of communications between parents and teachers, more academic support and interchange between teachers, and serious curriculum review.

Megan was elected, more than once, by her peers to be Vice President of the teachers’ union because they trusted she could steer a genuine path for teachers, parents and administrators; she worked hard at doing just that. Her experience and training would be invaluable in governing the school decisions Piedmont will soon be facing, such as teacher shortages, STEAM programs and building challenges. Most recently, Megan worked to develop a curriculum for “Amplify Science” at the Lawrence Hall of Science, a digital program for K-3 students. She then volunteered as an outreach educator for the Lawrence Hall programs.

It is time we had the input of a dedicated and experienced academic on Piedmont’s School Board; Megan Pillsbury truly “fits the bill” with her hands-on work right here in our Piedmont schools. She is the perfect candidate at the perfect time to work on ensuring a program of academic excellence for our children delivered by a committed, satisfied faculty.

Nancy Lehrkind
Campaign Co-Chair
Megan Pillsbury for School Board

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