Sep 25 2018

Public Safety Committee Meeting Thursday, Sept 27

The next meeting of the Piedmont Public Safety Committee will on Thursday, September 27 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. This meeting is open to the public.  It will not be broadcast.

The agenda includes introductions and updates on:

  1.  Minutes of 5/13/18
  2.  Announcement of New Committee Members
  3.  Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
  4.  Get Ready, Piedmont Guides and Checklist
  5.  School Liaison Activities and Campus Safety Preparedness
  6.  Crime Prevention/Community Outreach
  7.  Neighborhood Meetings
  8.  City Website
  9.  Year End Crime Report
  10.  Boy Scouts and Map Your Neighborhood Project
  11.  Public Safety Cameras and consideration of a Subcommittee on the Public Safety Cameras Program

One Response to “Public Safety Committee Meeting Thursday, Sept 27”

  1. The results of the pilot study of public safety cameras at the intersection of Grand and Oakland will be discussed at the October 15 City Council meeting. Chief Bowers indicated that he intends to proceed with the development of a larger scale public safety camera program for presentation to Council in June, 2019. He is examining the “best practices” of other cities – Dublin and Danville – examining costs,stategic locations for cameras in Piedmont and adoption of situational awareness camera technology.

    He also announced that the city and school district are considering the creation of a school safety officer position.

    The Piedmont Police Department now has a Facebook page.

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