Sep 27 2018

OPINION: 3 Reasons to Support Julie Caskey for School Board

Dear Editor:

I am writing to endorse Julie Caskey for Piedmont’s School Board for three main reasons.

  1. First, she has dedicated 30 years of her life to improving the lives and advancing the interests of women and children. This is not a new hobby taken up in her leisure–this is an area of passion.

  2. Second, she has “skin in the game” as a mother of four children, ranging in age from elementary, to middle, to high school. She is connected to and actively engaged in school and community issues.

  3. Lastly, she communicates and adheres to a set of values that I share. The most important of these is inclusiveness, which I believe is a critical gap in the way the School Board and the Piedmont School system approach their decision making and priorities.

Please join me in supporting Julie for the Piedmont School Board.


Amelia Wu, Piedmont Resident


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