Oct 2 2018

OPINION: Julie Caskey for School Board

 I’ve had the pleasure working side-by-side with Julie Caskey for the past few years in connection with the Piedmont Appreciating Diversity Committee (PADC). To say that Julie brings bountiful energy and doggedness to everything she does is an understatement. As a Board Member, these traits will serve Julie well.

As key organizers of “Let’s Talk,” the community-wide, civil discourse workshops offered last February and, again, this past August, I got to see Julie in action. From initial planning meetings to content development, sponsor outreach, and communication activities, Julie demonstrated critical, strategic and collaborative thinking and effectiveness in all things. For example, Julie was able to get every single parent-led school club to donate even a very short amount of time. This remarkable feat takes equal parts tenacity and strong relations, which Julie has created in our community during all of her hours of volunteer week.

Finally, I also know that Julie will continue to work on important issues including building a more inclusive community that supports all students.

Jill Lindenbaum, Piedmont Resident

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