Oct 7 2018

Vote Yes or No on Measure BB: City Charter Changes –

Voters will decide November 6, 2018 on whether or not to change the City Charter by Measure BB.

Amendments to Piedmont’s City Charter require approval by a majority of Piedmonters voting on the proposed Charter changes, Measure BB.  If BB is rejected by voters, the City Charter stays the same until such time as voters approve changes.  All parts of Measure BB are presented as a package, meaning the entire measure is considered an inseparable whole.

The City Council placed Measure BB on the ballot following consideration of the proposed amendments at a number of meetings. The concepts for the changes were generated internally by City staff and the City Council.

Opposition has arisen against Measure BB.  Arguments opposing Measure BB have primarily focused on lack of transparency and expenditure problems associated with elimination of contract bidding requirements, removal of the Council’s bi-monthly meeting requirement, and extension of wait time for Council members seeking re-election.

BB changes a variety of Charter rules: removal of thresholds for City contract bidding, record-keeping, public notice requirements, elimination of the two required monthly Council meetings, and allowance of sole source contractors and consultants, plus more.

BB doubles the length of time a former Council member must wait before seeking re-election to the City Council to a wait time of 8 years instead of 4 years out of office.  The School Board did not choose to change the 4 year time period before former Board members could seek re-election to the Board of Education.

Look for Measure BB near the end of your Piedmont ballot to vote “Yes” or “No.”

Measure BB, as proposed on the ballot: 

CHARTER AMENDMENT MEASURE BB “Shall the measure amending the Charter of the City of Piedmont to modify procedures for filling of vacancies in elected offices for City Council and Board of Education for the Piedmont Unified School District, modify term limits for the City Council, and making other clarifying amendments regarding City recordkeeping, format of City ordinances, public posting, City contract approval, operation of City Council meetings, and other minor technical amendments, be adopted?”

Arguments both for and against Measure BB can be found in every voter’s Voter Information Guide. The arguments are also linked below:


A partial outline of the proposed Measure BB Charter changes are noted below:

  •  SECTION 2.03 – City Council Term of Office
    Lengthens the period of time in which members of the City Council who have served two full terms on the Council must wait before running for the Council again from four years to eight years.
  •  SECTIONS 2.05 (C) and 7.04 – Filling of Vacancies on Elected Bodies
    Lengthens the period in which the City Council and Board of Education have to fill a vacancy in their respective membership from thirty to sixty days. Provides that if the respective body does not act within the sixty day limit, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy.
  •  SECTION 2.07 (A) – Meetings
    Removes the requirement that the Council meet twice in each month, replacing it with a requirement that the Council meet regularly and sets a goal of meeting twice in each month.
  •  SECTIONS 2.07 (C) and 7.06 – Meetings
    Removes archaic, unnecessary, and difficult to implement provisions which allow for fewer than a quorum of members of either the City Council or Board of Education to compel the attendance of other members at a meeting.
  •  SECTION 2.12 – Ordinances in General
    Conforms the enacting clause of ordinances to modern practice.Modernizes the requirement for posting of ordinances, requiring that they be posted electronically, rather than on the city bulletin board. Also directs the City Clerk to post ordinances in a manner which ensures maximum availability to the public, especially in times of emergency.
  •  SECTION 2.15 (A) – Authentication and Recording; Codification; Printing Modernizes this section by removing the requirement that ordinances and resolutions be kept in a fully indexed book. The City’s electronic records management system presently serves this function.
  •  SECTION 3.02 – Official Bonds
    Removes the requirement that the City maintain faithful performance bonds for certain officers of the City, as faithful performance is now covered under the City’s insurance programs.
  •  SECTION 4.11 – Contract Work
    The amendment to this section removes reference to the state law threshold requirements for public bidding, which would clarify the City’s authority to set public bidding requirements for contracts pursuant to local ordinance.
  •  SECTION 5.10 – Appointments and Promotions
    The proposed amendment to this section modernizes the prohibition against employment discrimination to include all classes currently protected under U.S. and state law, as well additional classes that may be added in the future.

READ the entire City staff report HERE

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