Oct 10 2018

OPINION: Amal Smith is the Best Candidate for School Board

Endorsement Letter for Amal Smith

I have had the pleasure of sitting next to Amal Smith for the last four years as fellow school board members. Together, we have participated in countless board workshops, interview sessions, liaison meetings and more. That is to say, I’ve seen her in action. She is thorough, prepared, thoughtful and smart.

During our four years together, she has been a steadfast advocate for our students and steward of our school district. She has tirelessly given her time and talents to something we both consider our town’s greatest asset. And it has come with challenges. If you’ve followed our work, you know we are sometimes faced with tough decisions, limited choices or unpopular outcomes. If you haven’t, know that the requirements to prep for and decide on issues ranging from personnel, curriculum, discipline, finance and long term planning are
challenging. They demand a level head, perspective, wisdom and an abiding faith in our mission.

Amal Smith is the best candidate running for this office with the requisite skills and experience to do the work that needs to be done. That is why I strongly endorse her candidacy for this year’s school board election. Please join me in voting her in for another four year term.

Doug Ireland, Piedmont School Board Member

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  1. I wholeheartedly support Doug Ireland’s endorsement of Amal Smith. My several meetings with her have been impressive and much appreciated.

    Bill Blackwell

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