Oct 28 2018

Opinion: Julie Caskey Has Experience, Dedication, and Perspective

I am writing in support of Julie Caskey for Piedmont School Board. I am the mother of two young children soon to be in elementary school, a high school teacher at a nearby high performing district, and like many of you moved to Piedmont for the schools and the community.

I have known Julie and her family since before moving to Piedmont. Over the years we have often discussed her commitment to public education and her service to her community. Those conversations have convinced me, both as a mother and as a teacher, that Julie is the sort of person we need supporting Piedmont’s public schools.

As a high school teacher I have first hand experience with all the issues facing our schools in terms of teacher retention, recruiting, and morale. Julie has solicited my opinion in her volunteer work in the Piedmont schools, and has thoughtful, nuanced approaches to solving our problems. There is not a one size fits all solution to the challenges of public education, and I am confident Julie will do the necessary research and outreach, consider all available information and viewpoints, and arrive at the best outcomes for our community. That’s the background she brings as a volunteer, a lawyer, and public servant.

As a parent, I am even more excited to support Julie. It isn’t enough just to have great work and professional experience. We need to consider the perspectives of parents whose children are currently in our schools. It is vital that the Board has a member that is closely connected to our elementary schools. Julie is the only candidate or board member that currently has a child in elementary school. I am concerned about the dearth of representation of elementary school families on the Board. The Board should represent as many stakeholders in our educational system as possible and this perspective is sorely lacking. I am confident between her role as an elementary school parent, connections to current elementary school families and volunteer work in the elementary schools that Julie would be a strong advocate for this significant part of the Piedmont community.

Please join me in supporting Julie Caskey this November 6. She has the experience, dedication, and perspective to continue the tradition of excellence for Piedmont schools.

Carolyn Cahill, Piedmont Resident

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