Dec 18 2018

Tennis Courts, Pickleball, Coaches Field, and Linda Beach: Rec Commission, Wed., Dec. 19

Recreation Commission in the City Council Chambers, Wednesday, December 19, 2018

120 Vista Avenue at 7:30 pm

The agenda for the December Recreation Commission meeting includes Tennis Courts, Pickleball, Coaches Field Master Plan, and Linda Beach Playfield Master Plan.

Chair’s Report

Director’s Report

Update on City Website

Update from the Subcommittee on Tennis Court Use and Pickleball

Update on Coaches Field Masterplan

Update on Linda Beach Masterplan

Update on Recreation Center Tennis Court Renovations

Read the full agenda and draft minutes  December Recreation Commission Meeting Agenda

The public is invited to attend the meeting.

2 Responses to “Tennis Courts, Pickleball, Coaches Field, and Linda Beach: Rec Commission, Wed., Dec. 19”

  1. Pro or con pickle ball (pro), as a matter of civic process, the Rec Commission is doing a great job of considering the options for pickleball in Piedmont. The Commission has agendized this issue several times and established a subcommittee to fact find. At the last Commission meeting the chair gave a verbal draft of the subcommittee report, extensively outlining what will likely be in the final report presented in January. This gives the public ample time to consider and prepare comments. Typically many city decisions appear just 72 hours before a final decision is made with no advance staff report for the public to consider.

  2. As a new pickleball player, I’ve been to more than several meetings advocating for the inclusion of pickleball in Piedmont. At times the Piedmont process seems overly robust. But Garrett highlights the positive nature of this process unlike some other short notice vital issues in town. Both opponents and proponents of pickleball are being given ample notice and opportunity to be heard.

    I again urge a Sunshine Government Act in Piedmont which will increase the 72 hour notice requirement of the Brown Act to 10 days.

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