Jan 19 2019

City Administrator Benoit to Retire

Paul Benoit, City Administrator, will leave Piedmont in June after securing a change to Piedmont’s governance through the City Charter.

In 2018 at Benoit’s urging, the Council approved and recommended to voters a unique untested system of governance, blending City Manager prerogatives with Piedmont’s City Administrator form of government that had previously put the City Council fully in control. Based on the November 2018 Charter revision, the Council selects the top City officers, the Police Chief, Fire Chief, etc., but only the City Administrator, rather than the Council, can terminate the selected officers. This change takes away much of the Council’s authority and bestows it upon one individual, the City Administrator.

Benoit has been well liked by the Council and according to public meetings, the Council rarely opposes his advice. The next City Administrator will gain the authority the Council relinquished under the voter approved Charter changes on the November 2018 ballot.

Paul Benoit will retire from his position as City Administrator having served the required amount of time, five years, to vest in Piedmont’s retirement system administered by the California Public Retirement System, CalPERS.

City Administrator Paul Benoit, in a letter to the City Council, announced his intent to retire from his position effective July 1, 2019.

“When he retires, Mr. Benoit will have spent five years as City Administrator of Piedmont and will conclude a 39 year career in local government, including service with the City of Astoria, Oregon as well as the City of Alameda. “

“I deeply appreciate the community of Piedmont. It is a special place with engaged residents and a supportive City Council. The staff are professional, dedicated, and caring; they respect each other and work as a team for the good of the community. You do not see that in very many places. It has been my honor and total pleasure to serve this city,” said Benoit. “I could easily see myself staying on as City Administrator for another five years, if it were not for the fact that, if I did so, I would be closing in on the age of 70! With nearly four decades in the profession, my inner voice is telling me that it is time to make room for others and time to see what else life has to offer.” Paul Benoit, City Administrator

“Piedmont has benefitted from Paul’s leadership since his appointment,” said Mayor Robert McBain. “Since coming to Piedmont, Paul has worked tirelessly to improve the financial stability of our City, worked to ensure the City’s infrastructure is well maintained now and into the future, and accomplished the renovation of Hampton Field in partnership with residents. His efforts to maintain high service levels, excellent public facilities, and make Piedmont a better place for its residents will not soon be forgotten. We will all miss his professional leadership and optimistic outlook and I will personally miss his guidance and friendship.” Mayor Robert McBain

“Mr. Benoit will remain with the City until June 30th and recruitment for a new City Administrator will commence immediately. “ January 18, 2019

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